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B-24 Liberator in Fargo

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news Fargo, 58103

Fargo ND 301 8th St. S. 58103

Fargo, N.D. (WDAY TV) -- If you've ever dreamed of taking a ride in a World War II bomber - this weekend might be your chance.

Three rare WWII era planes are on display at the Fargo Air Museum.


Jim Harley/Pilot: "It's an honor."

Jim Harley has been flying this B-24 Liberator with the Wings of Freedom foundation for 14 years.

The U.S. built 18,000 of the heavy bombers during World War II, but there are just 13 left.

And Harley says this is the only one that flies.

Harley: "After World War II, all these airplanes were scrapped. We wanted to forget the war and we needed aluminum."

The bomber made a landing at the Fargo Air Museum for the 4th of July weekend, along with two other rare WWII-era planes: the B-17, and the P51 Mustang.

Event coordinator Ruth Rivera says it was a last-minute decision after they got a call from the group last week.

Rivera: "I was speechless getting in and going through the flight. I was just taking lots of pictures and just reflecting on what they went through for our freedom."

Harley comes from a family of WWII veterans. Both of his grandfathers served in the war.

And he says flying and maintaining a plane like this one is becoming a lost art.

Harley: "These are hands-on airplanes. You have to use your feet, your hands, your eyes, all your senses to fly these airplanes. There is no autopilot, so you're flying it all the time."

The bombers will be in town throughout the 4th of July weekend.

You can go up for a flight for $450. 

And for a little more you can even fly the mustang.