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Anglers try and reel in the biggest fish at Cat's Incredible tournament

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East Grand Forks, MN (WDAY TV) - Over 200 anglers are taking part in this year's Cats Incredible tournament in East Grand Forks.


It's an event that's as much about the people as it is the fish.

You might call it the cat days of summer. Boats in the water, fish on the scales. The Cats Incredible Tournament underway.

"17.95. Is that the best you guys can do? No we'll get them. We’ll get them he says."

Paul Hansen/Cats Incredible Organizer "It’s phenomenal cat fishing. Already this morning we're seeing 15, 16 pound catfishing coming in on a pretty consistent basis."

111 two person teams competing in the two day event. Fishing from 7 a.m. to 4p.m. Many of them here not for the first time.

"We've fished everyone but the first one."

"Fish it about 14 years."

 "Probably 15, 18 years."

Plenty of history, a tournament that in its 27 year now offers fun for the whole family.

Tom Stennes/Volunteer: "In the early days it was a pretty rag tag affair. There were small boats and just a few local guys, then it caught on.”

Michael Yoshida: The cat fishing in the red river is incredible but those involved with the tournament say this event is so special because of the memories and friendships.

"Seeing all the people come back from year to year."

"I enjoy the people."

"It's fun, the passion for fishing."

"Can't complain fishing with my son."

The wonder and hope of the catch, the realization of the scales, but still always there... the dream of the next big one.

"We're going back out and we're going to get a big one."

The tournament wraps up tomorrow with an awards ceremony at 6 p.m.