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Anderson making a name for herself in her rookie season on LPGA tour


Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Amy Anderson has been a household name in the golfing world around the Fargo-Moorhead region for more than a decade. 


Now, Anderson is making a name for herself nationwide in her rookie season on the LPGA tour.

The former Bison has already earned $84,000 on the tour so far this year, ranking her 56th.

Anderson has made 4 cuts so far this season, highlighted by her 7th place finish in the Lotte championship back in April.

We caught up with the 21-year old Anderson this afternoon, and asked her about her transition from college to the pros.

Amy Anderson/LPGA Rookie-Oxbow Native: “The hardest part for me is in college we would play an event and we would have 3 weeks off to practice, then we'd go play one more event and have a few weeks off. Now we are on the road three weeks in a row and we maybe have a couple days off in between events. So as far as making swing changes or just the practice you don't get the solid practice time that I'm use too and that's been really hard because you're making adjustments on the road on the go during competition and it's really hard to do that.”