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91-year-old finally gets to go to prom

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91-year-old finally gets to go to prom
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Pittsburgh, PA - A 91-year-old Pennsylvania native fulfilled a dream Friday night, thanks to her family and the staff at Montour High School.

In her 91 years, Edna Lamping has never been to prom.

And in this moment she couldn't be happier.

Joe Lamping/ 92-years-old: "Oh I think I brought the best looking girl here."

Edna grew up in McKees Rocks and her family was strict.

They wouldn't let her go to prom.

But that never kept her from dancing.

Edna Lamping/ 91-years-old: "We used to dance Friday, Saturday and Sunday but not anymore because the legs don't carry ya."

Edna and her husband Joe didn't realize their family has been planning this day for weeks.

Kaitlin Dolak/ Granddaughter: "We were originally going to do a prom style party. My mom said we don't we see if my alma mater will actually have them at their prom."

Montour High School staff immediately got on board and made the Lampings their VIP guests.

Joe Lamping: "I think I only found out the last minute. They put a neck tie on me and said we're going someplace."

Shannon Smith/ Senior at Montour: "Everyone thinks it's really awesome I feel like Montour really welcomes them with open arms to our prom."

Sure times have changed and they don't dance like she used to.

Edna Lamping: "Oh yeah, now they just stand in one place and shake it (laughs)."

But when a moment is 91 years in the making, you can dance however you want.

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