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Fargo’s Drekker Brewing takes home national honors for two beers

Special to The Forum

Drekker Brewing can knock a couple back in celebration tonight.

In a statement Monday, July 10, the U.S. Open Beer Championships announced that the downtown Fargo-based brewery won a bronze medal for two of their beers: their “Buffalo Rodeo” won in the Bohemian pilsner category and “The Nightman Cometh” won in the American imperial stout category.

Winning this type of award is a “huge deal,” says Drekker co-founder Mark Bjornstad. He says the U.S. Open Beer Championships are one of the bigger beer competitions, judged by professional beer judges using blind taste testing. Several thousand entries are made across 70 different beer styles.

He adds, however, that the recognition is also secondary to the critical assessment they get from participating in the competition.

“We don’t brew styles to win awards. We brew the beers we like to drink and make,” Bjornstad says. “You get objective criticism and assessments of the beers you make. It reaffirms the things we’re trying to do.”

This isn’t the first such recognition for the brewery. Last winter they won a Gold Medal in the chocolate beer category from the Best of Craft Beer Awards for their Milk Maiden Chocolate Milk Stout.

And to celebrate this latest win?

“We’ll probably have a little toast when we get the chance,” Bjornstad says.