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Bicycle-SUV crash leaves one dead northwest of Fargo

Uber announces bigger, better option for ride-sharing users in Fargo

FARGO - The popular ride-sharing app Uber announced in an email Friday, March 13 that it will be upping its ride capacity to cater to larger groups of users in Fargo.

Uber, which has been available in Fargo since 2015, is now expanding to provide its users with "uberXL."

The expanded service allows Fargo users to choose a larger vehicle that can hold up to six passengers. "UberX," which was previously the only option available in Fargo, could only hold up to four passengers.

The cost for using an uberXL is more than the standard uberX. For example, an uberX ride that would normally cost you anywhere from $9-13 would cost you $15-19 using uberXL.

Bismarck and Grand Forks are the only other two cities in North Dakota that offer Uber, with Fargo being the only city to offer uberXL.

In late February, Uber's main competitor, Lyft, began offering its ride-sharing service in Fargo, Grand Forks and Bismarck.