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Valley City bar goes smoke-free

Captains Lounge is the only bar on Valley City's Main Avenue to ban smoking. Chad Wendel has owned the bar for nearly a decade. Now just more than a week into smoke free, he says it should've been done years ago.

"I see it being a benefit to the bar. I see the bar actually gaining revenue from it."

Wendel says he already sees savings. A smoke free building is bringing on lower insurance rates. Along with simple savings like less cleaning, things in the bar no longer filled with a smokey film.

"Like these TV's, one night of smoking in here and you can go write your name on the TV."

Workers say not only can they feel, see and smell the difference in the air they're now noticing a different crowd coming into the bar.

"I've heard from a lot of people that usually don't come here that say they'll come. I think whatever we lose in business we'll gain at least that back with new people."

Wendel says even the smokers are praising his decision. It's early, but the positive feedback and benefits seem endless. Wendel tried out the smoking ban this fall on Wednesdays and Sundays.

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